RNF-20 (Heating capacity 20KW)

RNF-20 (Heating capacity 20KW)

1. Full-automatic control by microcomputer: auxiliary hot air output, automatic cooling after shutdown, automatic temperature setting and control, timed startup and shutdown
2. Unnecessary to install, plug-and-play, portable and easy to use.
3. Core parts, e.g. oil pumps, are made in Japan.
4.304 stainless steel combustion chamber with automatic cooling, able to withstand natural wind, durable, powerful hot air, easy to operate.
5. Indirect combustion, exhaust gas discharged to outdoors, odorless in the course of combustion.
6. 5 safety devices: flame monitor; overload protection; overheat protection; power-off protection; oil-off detector.

Application FeatureParameter
Applications:1. Heating for warehouses, workshops and buildings.2. Concrete maintenance and pavement drying.3. Heating for field operations.4. Drying of paint and coating.5. Heating for mines.6. Heating for temporary tents and exhibition venues.7. Heating for greenhouses and animal husbandry.8. Other heating and dehumidification service in large area.
01Imported galvanized sheet
Coating-free, strong and environment-friendly
02High-end imported accessories
Danfoss fuel injector and CONTROL KOGYO pump made in Japan.
03Intelligent control system
Temperature and time adjustable to meet your requirements for environmental control.
04Exhaust pipe leading to outdoors
Freed from indoors pollution
05Combustion chamber made of 310S stainless steel
Able to withstand 1300°C; coated with aviation nano-radiating material, making heat dissipation more uniform
06Super-large fuel tank with a curved fuel filler
Super-large fuel tank with a curved fuel filler allowing all-day service
07Low noise
Only 40dB
Model RNF-20
ModeDirect fire radiation
Output heat20kw(17200kcal/h)
Rated power consumption85W at ignition and 60W at combustion
FuelKerosene/anti-freeze light diesel oil
Fuel consumption2.3L/h (1.85kg/h)
Oil tank capacity40L
Current fuse3A
Weight68kg(empty tank)