SAC-25D (Cooling capacity 2500W)

SAC-25D (Cooling capacity 2500W)

1. Famous-brand Panasonic rotary hermetic compressor, with stable performance and less failure
2. High-efficiency evaporative condenser with internal thread of hydrophilic membrane
High-quality aluminum centrifugal blades are used, which make air
supply more powerful and evenly distributed with low noise.
4. Portable, compact and easy to use
5. Energy-saving, unnecessary to install, plug-and-play
6. Centralized heat removal of flexible hoses has less impact on the environment
excellent layout, with a water bucket inside. Optionally, a drainage
pipe can be connected and the dehumidification function is available.

Application FeatureParameter
Cooling for machinery, injection molding, metallurgy and other industrial fieldsCooling for workshop equipmentCooling for electrical cabinetsCooling in the process of product manufacturingCooling for temporary venues, e.g. outdoor exhibition sites or tents, etc.Cooling for outdoor activities, e.g. golf courses or barbecue places, etc.
Applications:1. Cooling for workers in the high-temperature environment.2. Cooling for injection molding machine, communication equipment, distribution box of machine tool, and other mechanical equipment to improve working efficiency and extend service life.3. Cooling for large areas that require ventilation, but cannot be closed, e.g. outdoor exhibition venues, hotel backyards, construction sites and other places where it is difficult to install air-conditioners.4. Outdoor cooling, e.g. sports lounges, golf courses, outdoor swimming pools, barbecue sites, etc.5. Cooling for in-process products in order to improve quality.
Considerations:1. If there is dust or foreign matters clinging onto the surface of the mobile air-conditioner, it can be washed with soapy water. Don't use gasoline, petroleum spirit or solvents, etc., which may cause flaking paint or discoloration.2. Clean the mobile air-conditioner regularly (about once 2 weeks) to maintain the efficiency of dehumidification and dust removal and the service life, and avoid breeding and production of bacteria.3. If the operating environment is highly dusty or greasy, the heat exchangers of air-conditioners shall be cleaned regularly (once 1-2 weeks) by removing the air inlet panel from the mobile air-conditioner, dipping a toothbrush in soapy water and brushing the aluminum sheets of heat exchangers up and down. But do not bend the aluminum fins.4. If the mobile air-conditioner is out of service for a long time, please unplug the power cord, clean by following steps 1, 2, and 3 above, put in the packing box and store it in a shady and dry environment.
01Panasonic Compressor
Small-sized Panasonic rotor compressor, hydrophilic-aluminum-foiled heat exchanger and internal-threaded copper tube are used, thus faster to cool and higher in efficiency.Quieter and better energy-saving
02water tank
The water tank can be pulled out and pushed in, which makes it easy to collect and pour water. Optionally, a drainage pipe may be connected.
All-in-one, with standard plug, without installation . It can work when switched on.
04High-quality motor
High-quality all-copper motor, with a longer life and lower noise.
05All-aluminum centrifugal blade
All-aluminum centrifugal blades are used, which make air supply more powerful and evenly distributed.
06Separation of cold and hot air
Separation technology of cold and hot air flow can reduce the loss of cooling capacity and avoid the intrusion of hot air, thus the machine efficiency is greatly improved.
07Double filter
Front and rear filters, which prevent entry of greasy dust
Power supplySingle phase220V/50Hz
Refrigerating capacityKW2.5
Refrigerating capacityBTU8530
Current operation(A)4.2
Consumption of electricity(KW)0.88
Water tank capacity(L)20
Air volume(m3/h)340
Automatically set the wind/
Body size(mm)W390 D450 H880
Packing size(mm)W465 D520 H1030
Gross weight(Kg)46
Net weight(Kg)42
Runtime environment25~45℃