DM-30 (Capacity 5-8L/h)

DM-30 (Capacity 5-8L/h)

1. Famous-brand rotary hermetic compressor, with stable performance and less failure.
2.High-efficiency evaporative condenser with internal thread of hydrophilic membrane, and R407C refrigerant, energy-saving and environment-friendly.
3. High-efficiency automated defrosting system, suitable for low temperature
4. Portable, compact and easy to use.
5. Energy-saving, low noise, unnecessary to install, plug-and-play.
6. All-in-one, excellent layout, with a water bucket. The system will stop work when it is filled with water.

Application FeatureParameter
Applicable area:1. A dehumidifier can be placed in the office, archives room, reference room and library to ensure the drying of reference books and avoid the influence of mildew.2. A dehumidifier can be placed in the common computer room and laboratory due to their high requirements for air humidity and temperature.3. Spaces for storing electronic devices, instruments, semiconductors, optical instruments, precision machinery, scientific articles, general merchandise, traditional Chinese medicine and bank bills or other spaces requiring dehumidification.4. Drying, dehumidification or storage of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in food, chemicals, aquatic products, agricultural and sideline products, printing, medicinal material, wood, furniture, papermaking, polyester fiber and other industries.5. Hospitals: the de-dusting and dehumidification in CT department, drugstore, warehouse, pharmacy department, archives room and other places.6. The de-dusting and dehumidification of the company's factory warehouse and production workshop, prone to get moldy due to dampness. Preservation of spotty hemp, cotton, silk finished products and semi-finished products, paper, Chinese patent medicine and Western medicine, and drying and storage of electronic products and raw materials.7. Storage room: the preservation of celebrities' calligraphic and painting works, personal photos, and some items susceptible to deterioration by dampness.8. Family: suitable for preservation of high-grade clothing in closets, leather goods, file cabinets, instrument cabinets, food cabinets, medicine cabinets and cameras, and suitable for use in toilets and other small enclosed spaces where moisture-proofing and dehumidification are most needed; patients with rheumatism, respiratory system and other diseases, as well as the elderly, lying-in women and infants all need an environment with a suitable humidity
Precautions for use of dehumidifier:1. When there is adhesive or dust on the surface of the machine body, it can be washed with soap water instead of gasoline, petroleum essence, solvent, etc., to avoid paint dropping or discoloration.2. The filter screen shall be cleaned regularly (about once every two weeks) to maintain the dehumidification, de-dusting efficiency and service life of the machine, and to avoid bacteria breeding.3. If there is a lot of dust and grease in the use environment, the heat exchanger should be cleaned regularly (once a week or once every two weeks). When cleaning, please remove the air inlet panel of the machine, dip a toothbrush in soapy water and brush the aluminum plate of heat exchanger up and down, and remember to prevent the reverse movement of the aluminum plate of the heat exchanger during cleaning.4. If you want to leave the machine unused for a long time, please unplug the power cord, clean the machine in steps 1, 2 and 3, then wrap the machine in a packing box and store it in a cool and dry place.
01Famous-brand compressor
Famous-brand small-sized rotor compressor, hydrophilic-aluminum-foiled heat exchanger and internal-threaded copper tube are used, thus faster to remove moisture, higher in efficiency, quieter when working and more energy-saving.
02Unique drainage design
The water tank can be pulled out and pushed in, which makes it easy to collect and pour water. Optionally, a drainage pipe may be connected.
03Automatic shutdown when filled
The system will be shut down when filled with water.
Power supply220V/50Hz
Input power1500W
Water condensation rate5-8L/H
CompressorHermetic and rotary
RefrigerantR407C (environment-friendly)
Treatment method for dehumidified water25L portable water storage bucket with automatic stop device
ConditionsAmbient temperature 5°-35°    Relative humidity 45% -90%
Defrosting deviceTemperature sensor
Overall dimensionsW650×D500×H1000
Container number128stage/40、64stage/20